The Bethnal Queen

Pastrami, Yuzu pickle, Cheddar, Wasabi Mayo, Olive oil

The Bushwick

Fresh tomatoes, Fresh basil, Bushwick thaimato base, Cheddar, Mozzarella, Chilli oil, Honey, Oregano

(Vegan alternative available)

The Fun Guy

Sauteed mushrooms, Emmental, Garlic aioli, Olive oil

(Vegan alternative available)


Honey Roast Ham, Brie, Homemade Kimchi, Spring Onions, Sesame Oil

No Brainer

Ham, Mature cheddar, Olive oil, Oregano


Shichimi Salmon

Cream cheese, Smoked salmon, Wasabi mayo, Spring onions, Togarashi, Lemon

Avocado/Hummus on Toast

Smashed avocado with lime and olive oil, Togarashi

Homemade hummus, Olive oil, Togarashi

Life's Sabich

Hummus, Cucumber, Tomato, Grilled aubergine, Olive oil


Soup of the day

Homemade Vegan soup, served with sourdough


Authentic asian rice soup also known as Jook or Okayu. Served with Sauteed mushrooms, Grilled vegetables, Ginger & spring onion relish, Soy



Espresso 2.00

Long Black 2.20

Americano 2.20

Macchiato 2.20

Flat White 2.80

Latte 2.80

Cappuccino 2.80

Mocha 3.00

V60 FIlter 3.50

“Yin Yang” 3.80

Ice Coffee 2.50

Ice Latte 3.20

Ice Espresso 2.30

Decaffeinated 0.30

Single Origin 0.30


Matcha 2.90

Matcha Latte 3.20

Chai Latte 2.70

Traditional Chai 2.20

Golden Milk 2.70

Deluxe Chocolate 2.70

Peppermint Chocolate 2.70

Ice Chocolate 3.20

Alternative Milks

Bonsoy 0.30

Oat 0.30

Coconut 0.30

-   C'EST LA TEA  -

Black Teas
Cup 2.20 Pot 3.70

English Breakfast

Earl Grey

Organic Green Fog

Jasmine “Chung Hao”


Lapsang Souchong


Speciality Teas
Cup 3.50 Pot 5.00

Jiao Gulan “Immortality Tea”

Black Goji Berry

Flowering Tea

In-house seasonal blend

Cup 2.20 Pot 3.70




Ginger & Elderflower

Goji & Cranberry


We have partnered with some of the best suppliers in London and the UK, bringing you speciality coffee from Ozone Coffee Roasters in Old Street and a wide range of teas and infusions by Chash, The Fine Tea Co. Our organic pastries are delivered daily, fresh from our bakers in North London, whilst our sourdough bread is comes from Breid Artisan bakers just a couple hundred meters down the road. For our drinks, we use the highest quality Brades Barista milk, an un-homogenised milk from Jersey cows living in “freedom-to-choose” conditions in Lancashire, and we offer Bonsoy, coconut and oat as our milk alternatives.

woolidando - 253 Bethnal Green Rd - info@woolidando.co.uk

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